10 Techy and Simple Practices You Can Do to Improve Your Office
10 Techy and Simple Practices You Can Do to Improve Your Office

Being in your A game to improve your business growth or work performance by aiming a better
working environment has been and will always be a tough job to fulfill. However, you need not to worry.
Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to improve your offices through using technology or by doing
simple practices. Keep reading to know more.

1. Get Tough On Security

A lot of business owners might not realize this yet but getting enough security is a make-it-or-break-
it part of managing your own business. What kind of security am I referring to? Is it having a security
personnel to safeguard our offices from thieves? Yes, it could be like that but mind you it is way more
than that. Now that we are living in a fast-paced world of Internet and technology, keeping your personal
data and other essential information is a must to build a successful business. By safeguarding the
personal information of your customers, you can gain their trust and so you’ll be able to keep them.

2. Manage Social Media Platforms Efficiently

If you are a startup business owner who wants to level up your marketing strategy, make sure to
manage your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter effectively. In doing so,
you must regularly publish contents to provide ample information about your products and services to
your valued customers.

3. Have Your Customer Relationship Management System In Place

A lot of business owners today especially those who are managing startups begin to implement
strategies on how to get more customers with the help of Internet and technology. If you want this too
I’m sure the services from Zoho and Salesforce will help you generate more leads, thereby, getting more

4. Establish Your Automated HR

As a business owner, you want to maximize all the resources you have to gain more revenue. Thus,
if you’re finding some ways to cut your expenses (especially in paying another employee) you can venture
to using automated human resources. With this, you as an owner can handle all company’s payroll and
other onboarding needs. However, since this is somehow a tedious task to fulfill, you can leave the work
to services like Namely or ICMS and just focus on making your business prosper more.

5. Cater to the Customers’ Needs and Concerns

Almost always customers get really frustrated when they do have urgent concerns and questions
about your services and products yet no one is there to answer them. Nevertheless, as a business owner
you need not to worry. With the advent of technology nowadays, you can actually use virtual reception
services to cater your customers’ needs real time.

6. Have Proper Ventilation

Nothing is more frustrating than having a broken air-conditioner at work. You have a lot of paper
works to do and deadlines to beat but here you are suffering from a hot working environment while you
notice your beads of sweat pour over on your forehead. This is especially true when you are working in a
tropical country where you proper ventilation and air-conditioners are vital to have a good working

7. Declutter Your Desk

Having a messy desk and a mind that gets easily distracted is definitely a deadly combination. When
you are a type of person who cannot focus when your faced with a workstation bombarded with a lot of
unorganized documents and other stuff, I believe it’s time for you to declutter your desk to have a more
peaceful mind and conducive working environment.

8. Do Some Stretching

We often experience back pain and aching of other muscles in our body when we sit for too long in
our office chairs. With this, it is advisable to do some stretching from time to time to alleviate this bodily

9. Decorate Your Office with Small Potted Plants

How many among you here love the sight of green and fresh nature after a long day of work? Well,
you don’t have to wait for the end of your shift just so you can get a glimpse of the beauty of nature
outside your workplace. Instead, you can place a small plotted plant on your desk so your eyes can relax a
bit and you’ll be having fresh air inside the office.

10.Find a Comfortable Sitting Position

As I’ve mentioned above, sitting for too long on your office chair can give your some back pain in the
long run and so aside from doing some stretching from time to time, it is also best to find the right sitting
position. Make yourself comfortable sitting in the office while doing your tasks and while having a sip of
your freshly brewed coffee.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, you need step up your game when it comes to
having productive and conducive office. Enhancing your work environment might either be through using
high-technology based applications or services or thru a simple decluttering of your office desk. Either
way, we must maximize what we have and do what we can do as a business owner or employee to hone
the productivity of the business and/or of ourselves. Thereafter, always remember that you need not to
work harder but always do it smarter.

Got any more suggestions to improve one’s office? Comment down below and let us from hear you!

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