Handling Printer Inks And Toner Cartridges While Pregnant


Baby On Board

Ever since we found out that Morgan was pregnant with our first child, we’ve become extremely cautious of the items in our environment that she could possibly come in contact with.  Maybe it’s our protective nature as soon to be parents but everything around us seemed to be dangerous. From cleaning supplies, to flights of stairs, to even double or triple checking to make sure she has her seatbelt on in the car, we’re constantly on edge making sure our baby is growing in a safe environment.  This includes our work environment as well.

As I’m writing this Morgan is now 35 weeks pregnant.  Our soon to be newborn daughter is on her way to meet us.  And with the birth coming up we’ve scaled back Morgan’s responsibilities around the office and that includes the handling of printer inks and toner cartridges. Keep in mind we’re not doctors and this is just our preference so please make sure to consult your doctor before handling anything you might think is questionable.

So, the questions is, “Are laser printers and inkjet printer cartridges toxic or dangerous while pregnant?” We going to assume also the same goes for being around printing fumes while pregnant as well. 

Laser Printers And Toners

In the most basic description, Laser printers take printer toner (black, yellow, magenta, and cyan) powder from printer cartridges and laser etches the contents into the paper. This process leaves behind what you see when you print your documents.  

Even though the contents of the toner cartridges are nontoxic and the risk of being exposed to high amounts of toner powder is rare in a normal working day, we suggest not handling the toner cartridges at all.  Extreme? Probably.  But like I said earlier, we’re extremely cautious of everything in our environment.  Another technique you could use is wear gloves when changing the toners.  Again, consult your doctor.  

What do we do?  I change the toners out on all of our printers myself.  We just want to take any exposure completely out of the equation.  So, if you’re like us, maybe you can ask a coworker to change the toners for you.  It’s not a major task so I’m sure someone would gladly help out. 

InkJet Printers And InkJet Cartridges

InkJet printers are a little bit different from LaserJet printers.  Liquid based, drops of ink are added to paper, staining the document which leaves an image.  If you have a printer at home, this is probably the type of printer you have. Same with the LaserJet printer, you’ll want to limit your exposure overall. Have someone change the InkJet cartridges out for you.  The contents are nontoxic, but we like the safest way possible. If anything, you can throw on a pair of gloves to limit your exposure.  

Common Sense

Overall, my wife and I are probably overcautious but we’re OK with that. We like to use common sense with a little extra caution along with it.   When it comes to what we expose her to we’d just rather be safe than sorry. Again, most importantly, consult your doctor on how to handle inks and toners around your home or office.   





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Thanks for this article. Very informative!!

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