The Best Places To Recycle Ink And Toner Cartridges

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So one question we got a lot from the businesses we meet is “what do we do with our empty printer toner cartridges?” Here are the options we’ve come across that seem to work out the best.

1. Drop off your empty printer toner cartridges to your local e-waste recycling center.
There are several across the country. Not only can you drop off your empty toner cartridges, you can also drop off used printers, monitors, and other types of office equipment too.

2.Ship your empty printer toner cartridges to a toner recycling company.
This is also a convenient way to make sure your printer toners are properly disposed of. There are a few companies out there who will not only provide you with the shipping labels and materials, but in some cases they will even pay you to send them your empty printer toner cartridges. Just be mindful of their rules so you don’t get charged for breaking them.
We like to use

3. Have your toner supplier dispose of them for you.
One thing we to do at is provide our local customers in the Torrance and neighboring South Bay neighborhoods with free pick-up of their empty toner cartridges. This works out great for the customer. We drop off their new printer toner order and on the way out take their used printer toner cartridges for disposal. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

We’ll email you UPS labels or send a truck to pick-up pallets. If you’re outside of the South Bay area and have toners to dispose of we can either send you UPS labels or send a truck to pick up large loads of empty toner cartridges. This is of course is a free service whether you’re a buying customer or not.

I hope this information helps. I’ve actually been to companies were their office is stacked with empty toner cartridges. If you and your business is in this situation, let us know! We’ll be more than happy to help out.

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